Identitii is creating a new connected ecosystem for payments information, without replacing the rails. The problem we solve isn’t moving money. It is that detailed data can’t travel with payments using legacy systems. Buyers, suppliers, banks and regulators are in the dark, or spend hours chasing the information they need to reconcile and report on transactions.

Because of this, we believe that ISO 20022 adoption should be simple. We have created a unique way for transaction information to be stored using blockchain, and for payment messages to be translated from the format you are using today, into ISO 20022 and back.

Our solution maintains data integrity regardless of payment system or message format, overlaying existing technology with a digital platform that ensures you have the data you need when you need it.


Azzana is a consulting firm specialized in transaction banking and corporate treasury. Working with corporate treasurers, banks, and fintechs alike, gives us a unique 360° view on all parties involved in transactions.

From our offices in Paris, Brussels, Singapore, Luxembourg, and Kuala Lumpur, we help our customers navigate the ever-changing payments landscape.

Whether it’s providing trainings, helping establish a strategy and governance for the ISO migration, or reinforcing teams with expert program managers, business analysts, marketeers, or product managers, we’re there to help maximize the value extracted from the shifting payments paradigm.