Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYN)


Messages format currently in use: SWIFT MT

ISO migration planned? Timeline: Planned to migrate but no date is confirmed yet.
The National Bank carried of Belarus out activities on implementing the methodology of ISO 20022 “Financial services – Universal financial industry message scheme” in the country’s payment system (hereinafter – “ISO 20022”). The implementation of the ISO 20022 methodology in the payment system of the Republic of Belarus was carried out in conjunction with the similar activities of the central (national) banks of the EEU member states within the framework of the payment systems integration. In 2019, two round tables were held with the participation of representatives of central (national) banks, draft documents were exchanged, analytical information was prepared based on the materials submitted by experts, as well as videoconferences designed to exchange practical experience in the sphere of implementing ISO 20022 methodology were conducted  [1]

Governing body of the migration: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Message format: not documented