Currency: Thailand baht (THB)

RTGS: BAHTNET (Bank of Thailand Automated High-value Transfer Network)

Message format currently in use: SWIFT MT

ISO migration planned? Timeline: The Payment Systems Roadmap No. 4 has been approved by the Payment Systems Committee (PSC)2 and the National e-Payment3 Master Plan Steering Committee. The BOT will implement the plan through cooperation with related entities, especially the Thai Bankers’Association, the Association of International Banks, the Government Financial Institutions Association, the Thailand Electronic Payment Trade Association as well as government and business entities, to ensure that the plan’s objectives will be achieved effectively. The BOT will also review the Roadmap No.4 every year in order to evaluate the progress and to improve the plan so that it is suitable for the Thailand’s payment environment which has rapid technological changes and evolution in payment services.[1]No formal timeline put in place by the Bank of Thailand, but we can feel a strong willingness of moving forward with the ISO20022 migration by 2022, especially for Bathnet.


Message format: not documented